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2018 Show Review

The Model Show 9th & 10th December 2018


For our sixth main show at Poynton Leisure Centre we had taken on our largest undertaking to date, with 76 stands in our usual mix of modelling mediums. Naturally booking so many exhibitors and traders, many over two years in advance or more come with certain issues and 2018 proved no different! In the build up to the show, which itself was a shorter period from our 2017 show than we normally have; we had many cancelations for a whole host of justifiable reasons. These required much midnight oil be burnt in the searches to replace them. But come Saturday morning the show was as full as envisaged three years prior, when the plans were laid down. Unfortunately some errors therefore crept into our show guide even though we delayed its printing until much later than usual, which also cost us significantly more than budgeted for. As we relayed to visitors over the weekend and have previously suggested, our website was kept as up to date as possible and should always be your first point of contact for accurate and up to date information. This large number of exhibits included a celebration of 7mm/ft scale railway modelling, separately titled as 7mmNORTH with nine working layouts, specialist demonstrators and traders and took over ¾ of the sports hall.

In line with the increased floor space we took the opportunity to separate the modelling mediums into ‘themed rooms’ giving them what we felt was a proportional area representative of the UK modelling scene today:

Main (Sports) Hall- railway modelling, Road Transport modelling, Trade stands.

Room 1- Catering facilities, public seating, large scale and garden railways.

Room 2- Radio Control including- Large model Aircraft, Large scale boats and submarines, Armoured fighting vehicles and tanks.

Room3- War gaming and Military Dioramas

Room4- Plastic Kit modelling

This more formal layout was not publicized on purpose so it could be judged by all our contributors without prior consideration. Even the stewards were surprised to see the plans on Friday afternoon! The result being that it was appreciated by many who took the time to relay to us via the shows front desk and by email after the show their comments. These are always appreciated, studied and help us to set out future shows and also influence other events we are involved with.

Moving to September had as mentioned been in the pipeline since 2015 as the smaller rooms are not heated; which dictated a summer show and the promise of more acceptable temperatures than our former dates in December could offer!

Public response was gratifying as entry numbers returned to levels more akin to previous shows than the turnout we witnessed resultant of the UK Medias weather mania last December. We shall endeavour to build on this success in 2019. One significant factor witnessed by many was the increase in under-sixteen year old’s we saw on Sunday. This is both encouraging for our collective hobbies futures and for society in general. As we earnestly feel there is much to be gained in encouraging physical play and later; modelling skill development in young people. Many of the practical and social skills developed through active modelling both in the home and in wider social groups have definite benefits to offer families and young people alike. As one of our key goals, we shall watch this facet of our show with interest and are seeking ways to encourage under-sixteen’s further.

As exhibition manager I am always in awe at the skills on display, despite being in this hobby most of my life and this year was no exception. I was also extremely proud of the efforts made by our far too small band of stewards who worked together and feverishly to see the shows infrastructure laid-out and assembled and the various needs of our differing entrants met. This level, of enthusiasm and dedication by our regular supporters, attendees and stewards is the resolve to not only see our show continue, but improve upon an annual basis.

I hope you made it to the show this year and if not, will take some time out in 2019 to come and enjoy some pleasant hours in the amazing world that is modelling in the UK today.

Happy modelling,

Mark Henshaw

Exhibition Manager