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History of the event

Since 2007 we have been staging our an annual exhibition, moving venue and date several times to suit its continual development. Today equating to 11,500 sq ft (2019) of exhibition space, plus an occasionally used swimming pool, making this one of the larger shows containing model railways and general modelling in the North of England. By 2018 the numbers of plastic kit and model railway exhibitors had swelled to a point whereby we were could lay the show out into specific interest areas. Accordingly the sports hall today presents a traditional model railway exhibition publicized under the banner of ‘Railex Poynton’. Whereas the three smaller rooms are publicized under the banner of ‘The Model Show’ being dedicated to: Plastic kit, War gaming, Diorama, Road transport, Large Scale Aircraft and Maritime modelling.

Who we are and what we do!

The show is organized by members of Poynton Railway Modelers and “the friends of the model show” who gather exhibits, publicize the event, prepare the infrastructure and steward the event. Those who organize, exhibit, steward or pay at the door to enter, are all supporters of the event and we thank them equally, without which we could not continue.

Our Style

We have long desired that wherever possible; each modelling medium or genre staged at our show is of interest to the other modelers attending, by being applicable in some way to their own genre. Accordingly some elements have disappeared having proven themselves either irrelevant to the majority present or impractical to exhibit regularly. Whilst new genres are included as and when we either become aware of them, or can facilitate an example being displayed at the show. We are volunteers and not a business; we are professional in our approach however and expect everyone to do their level best to see our show provide a high degree of participant and visitor enjoyment. From the outset it was agreed that whilst remaining accessible to ‘all comers’ the event should not be a ‘toy show’ so to speak. But a bringing together of the best available examples and participants of each subject and that it should not feel a need to apologize or play down the attributes of quality modelling. Our firm belief being that there is nothing wrong in being good at what you do and that good modelling provides inspiration for novices or existing modelers alike. A more in depth description of the shows modelling ethos may be found near the bottom of this page titled ‘what is modelling’.

Achievements so far

The Model Show & Railex Poynton or ‘TMS’ as we are more easily remembered, is a regional event with a reputation for professionalism, care for the visitor and exhibitor alike and a ‘can-do’ attitude when it comes to supporting innovations, new genres and ideas. We are committed to both increasing the numbers and the inter genre communications of; modellers in the hobby and to stage an exhibition which annually asks of itself, what it can do better? Accordingly we were one of the UK’s first children free entry modelling shows and the first known to offer a serving UK Forces and Service Personnel discount. We provide a free downloadable guide (around 7 days in advance). We have a ‘late afternoon reduced rate’ (usually on Saturday) for those wanting a quick or cheaper visit. Our show occasionally includes possibilities for visitors to try out various modelling disciplines and in some instances, to take home the results. Wherever possible we support the smaller independent and specialist traders first and choose these carefully to ensure a good mix of stands. In 2016 the show undertook an experimental 2 day programme of events which although proving logistically complex to operate, did lead to suggestions in wider circles that this may be a scenario more seen in future years? 2016 also marked us as being the first known modelling exhibition in the UK to attempt to go ‘paperless’, removing the laborious and non modelling use of our valuable times in filling out countless forms, sending numerous emails and letters and we continue in this vein to some degree today. Our 2017 event saw the first national modelling group hold a mini-exhibition (The 2mm Scale Association) within the show. 2018 saw this idea expand with the inclusion of ‘7mm North’ a bringing together of 7mm/ft railway modelling layouts, specialist traders and demonstrators. 2018 saw the event staged as 4 exhibit rooms each focusing upon a specific modelling genre..

We would like to thank the following for annually assisting us with materials, equipment, advertising or exhibits.

  • Modelshops directory.co.uk
  • Airfix SIG IPMS
  • Brit modeller forum
  • Poynton Railway Modellers
  • Arrow business centre Poynton
  • Association of Large Scale Railway Modellers
  • International Plastic Modelling Society
  • Scale 148
  • 3mm Scale Association
  • The 2mm Scale Association
  • RM Web.co.uk
  • The Bulls Head Poynton
  • N Gauge Forum
  • New mills and district railway modellers
  • Rainhill Model railway club
  • Poynton Leisure centre
  • Peco publications
  • Tomlinson Parbans Ltd
  • Yahoo groups
  • SMTF model shop Poynton
  • Hopewall Diary
  • National Association Road Transport Modellers
  • East Manchester Historical Games/Mailed Fist Wargames Group


What is modelling?

The Oxford English Dictionary suggests that modelling is: The activity of making three-dimensional models. This is a question we have been asking ourselves since we started this venture: in wanting to be able to define what the show should include and more recently, to place onto this page a narrative that will explain such to the uninitiated and qualify the questions of ourselves and other modellers.

By modelling, we are suggesting: any three dimensional facsimile of a fictional or real item in a scale smaller than the original e.g. a 1:10th scale model of a Route-Master bus etc. To explain our reasoning here: was ‘the bus’ a sketch, painting or computer model; or a full size three dimensional copy? Then it would not be a model. Expanding the theory further it might be argued that a 1/4 size or 1:4th scale model of a Toby Jug would be a model (even if made from clay, in the same manner as the original) whereas, were it a full size example it would be an example of pottery and not modelling. By this conclusion a host of full size and artistic subjects such as painting, needlework, basket making, metal and wood-turning and pottery to name but a few are concluded to be arts or craft-work and not modelling. This accepting that these methods of construction; may be used in some way within our models.

Next we refine our modelling parameters. Here we are saying that we expect the displays staged to be the work of the individual or group presenting them and that they have either:
a/ Altered a proprietary item to give greater accuracy, representation of another item, or improve the detail and level of finish.
b/ Assembled their models from proprietary kit or components.
c/ Created it from scratch using pre-formed or raw materials.

In some instances some or all the previous suggestions may be employed into the model? We also accept that in some instances, the use of specialist professional services for: design, casting, machining, and finishing of; components or whole models, may be included. But we retain the desire that ostensibly the modelling undertaken will be the work of those displaying it.

A final thought for the existing modellers consideration, is the benefits that may be had by looking at genres and scales of modelling you have not been interested or involved with before. In essence ‘modelling is modelling regardless’. We have since the first show had modellers telling us how useful and interesting it has been to see at first hand the various modelling mediums and to have been able to discuss with experts in each filed the materials, methods and skills each employs. As modellers ourselves we whole heartedly recommend that; even if for no other reason? You should attend the event to benefit from the boundless opportunities presented to develop your own modelling; either through actual example or mere inspiration?.

Publicity, information and future events

Although this website is our primary source of instruction and updates, we annually stage a publicity stand a at a variety of model shows as far afield as Bristol, Liverpool, Reading and York. We may also be found on Facebook and Twitter, or on one of a countless number of internet modelling forums and specialist modelling Facebook groups. On this site are examples of our all colour: A6 flyers or hand bills and A4 posters; which may be downloaded and placed in your local model shop, clubroom or anywhere you think may attract visitors to the show and for which you have our thanks. If you can assist in the distribution of flyers to a specific event or group we would like to speak to you. We hope that this page has been informative and that it settles some of the questions we have been presented with. If you have any queries or can assist in any way with content, contacts, assistance, sponsorship or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us via this websites email facility.

The friends of the model show’

The Friends of The Model Show are a group of like minded modelers; who as individuals or as members of modelling clubs and national associations have used there own skills, free time and influence to assist a range of modelling events and organisations to the betterment of all. Such started out in the humblest fashion, via the simple need to gather large numbers of exhibits, personnel and equipment into one place annually to stage what is now our main show (14th & 15th Sept 2019). Further to the physical help of many over the previous years, and for the foreseeable future, we have seen a variety of mutual arrangements develop between a host of National associations and local clubs to supply an ever growing range of: furniture, catering, office, crowd barriers, traffic, equipment and signage. Accordingly we have over time purchased, built, borrowed and hired a variety of items. To a point today whereby we can now offer to other like minded organisations and ‘friends of the model show’ the use of some or all of our equipment or personnel and advice. Such is done on a case by case basis. This scheme is undertaken with key purposes: Firstly to allow us through minimal hire charges the freedom to build or buy more equipment, making us ever more self sufficient and enabling us to provide better facilities to our entrants and visitors alike. Secondly, to assist our fellow events and groups in sustaining their own shows or groups by reducing operating costs and by providing more specifically tailored equipment, exhibits and skilled stewards. These included for example during our 2018/19 season:

  • WFRM Model railway show
  • York Model Show
  • NM&DRM Chapel en-le Frith charity model show
  • AMRW&WE Bristol model railway exhibition
  • ALSRM Reading show
  • AVRO MUSEUM Air Fair
  • Apedale Valley Light Railway ‘tracks to trenches gala weekend’
  • The Model Show 2018


If your group or event wish to benefit from our shared equipment scheme or have kit or skills you think worthy of addition to our own? We would be pleased to discus such with you. Contact may be made via this websites email facility.