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Changes to show content

We regret that we will not be displaying any large scale aircraft, model tanks or maritime craft in 2019. This decision has been taken after much deliberation. We have struggled in recent years to collect an acceptable number of displays in each genre for which we earnestly thank those few dedicated modelers who have helped us in previous years. The boats and submarines will continue to be displayed twice daily in the swimming pool (as we feel this the best place to see them anyway?). Regrettably national legislation will not permit the flying of aircraft outside and the school will not allow use of its grounds for vehicle or live steam displays.

After much consideration by the organizing team we have concluded to take this as an opportunity instead of a loss. From now on only elements that compliment each other will be entered into our show, e.g. model railways, plastic kit, road transport war-gaming etc. This we feel will better concentrate and interest exhibitors and attendees alike as they have applicable or common: modelling skills, genres and scales.

All other elements of the show remain and we shall still be using the whole available space in 2019!